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                       SUCH LOVELY LEGS

Accent your femininity with this anklet. Who would imagine that such a simple design would have men eyeing your sexy legs?

Why should your wrist have all the fun? Just as a bracelet bedazzles your wrist, an anklet, or an ankle bracelet, spices up your ankle. Whether you choose to wear a solitary ankle chain or stack multiple anklets into an ankle party, anklets are a unique accessory that adds a fun sparkle to your strut.

The History of Anklets

The Anklet dates back as far back as the Bronze Age. Women wore anklets as early as 6,000 B.C.-3100 B.C., with early signs of anklets being seen in Europe around 1800 BC, and they can also be seen in ancient Egypt, where it would have been referred to as a foot bracelet, back in ancient Egypt anklets where made from materials such as gold among the very rich, or iron and silver worn. Excavated Sumerian tombs revealed artifacts of Babylonian women from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia. These early people constructed anklets from precious stones and metals found in nature and wore them to denote status and social rank. Slaves wore leather anklets, while affluent brides and wives flaunted lavish anklets made of precious metals and gemstones.

 Both Ancient Indian and South Asian women have worn variations of the ankle bracelet for over 8,000 years! In Ancient India, wives wore dangling anklets affixed with charms that jingled, allegedly alerting their husbands of their presence so they could cease any displeasing chatter.

  • Add that sexy leg look with your favorite anklet

  • Dramatically changes your legs to look like you belong in Hollywood

  • Even the most simple anklet design will turn your legs into 'gams extraordinaire'


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