Men/Women! Symbol of Power & Strength Nordic Viking Dragon Head Bracelet

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Dominant Nordic Viking Dragon Head Silver Bracelet For Men/Women! Wear this bracelet as a symbol of power and strength.  

Dragon Head Nordic Viking Illustration Vector, Dragon, Illustration,  Monster PNG and Vector with Transparent Background for Free Download

  • Gives a man or woman Viking power and strength

  • The dragon will protect you

  • The Vikings believed in a balance between order & chaos, life, and Death

Dragons symbolized strength and protection for men and women. To the Vikings, dragons were powerful creatures that were the embodiment of chaos and destruction. ... But the Vikings also believed in balance, and their myths reflect the constant battle between order and chaos, life and death, and destruction and rebirth. The mere sight of a dragon portended the arrival of violent and tumultuous times, which is why dragon figures adorned the longships of Viking raiders that terrorized coastlines of Northern Europe.


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