Men/Women Enchanting Arabic Allah Charm Bracelet

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Throughout history, Arab jewelry has been considered one of the most beautiful and distinctive of all. It is commercialized in many parts of the world and is appreciated for its colors, designs, and the love story of Arab people with their gold and jewelry creations.

According to Islam, it is prohibited for men to use gold and can only give it to women as a sign of love, beauty, and power. Although it is true that in some places men wear jewelry, both for a question of a more flexible interpretation of Islam and for socio-cultural reasons.

This Turkish Coin Bangle Bracelet is an Arabic Middle East design. It is worn by an Islamic man with a more modern point of view.  As a Muslim, he is devout yet views Islam with a more flexible interpretation. This beautiful bracelet can also be worn by a woman. It shows her spiritual devotion to Islam. This lovely bracelet is given to her by a man who wants to show her great love. 

  • Distinctive Turkish Coin Bangle Bracelet shows great devotion to Allah
  • Can be worn by Muslim men with more modern views Islam
  • This Lovely bracelet could also be worn by women to show their devotion to Allah
  • Given as a gift to a woman by a man that wants to show her great love


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