For Devout Men/Women Gold Jesus Cross Necklace

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 First worn by Christians as early as II A.D. when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire, the cross necklace was originally linked to pain following the crucifixion of Christ. As time went on, Christians began to embrace this symbol to honor His sacrifice.

 Wearing a necklace featuring a cross is a symbol of faith, represents that person's beliefs, provides comfort, and promotes awareness. For that reason, cross jewelry has been worn for centuries, and it is still popular today.

What is the difference between a cross and a crucifix?
Both the cross and the crucifix are sacred Christian symbols used by the faithful for decoration as well to show their devotion to Jesus. A cross is just a T-shaped symbol whereas a crucifix is a cross with the sacred body of Jesus depicted over it.


The angle of this cross signifies the real struggle and unbelievable pain and suffering Jesus experienced as he carried the very heavy cross.

  • Embrace this lovely symbol to honor Christ's sacrifice for mankind
  • Show your faith in God
  • Let everyone know the love you have to give
  • By wearing a cross, you feel the love of God and it gives hope and strength to overcome any obstacle in life.

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