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The Word “Fedora” Came From the Theater!

Fedora Hats were first seen as a feminine hat with masculine undertones in 1883, inspired by a drama called “Fédora,” created by the French playwright Victorien Sardou. Sarah  Bernhardt, a French Actress, played the starring role of Princess Fédora Romanoff who was wearing a stylish, center-creased, soft brimmed hat. Sarah was known for adopting men’s fashion and acting roles that shocked audiences. The play’s first review named the style of Bernhardt’s hat  “fedora” after the play title. This review coined the name “Fedora Hat” into womenswear of the time, and later menswear too. Soon after, fedora hats became a popular fashion statement and symbol for women’s rights activists, standing for liberation and assertiveness. Before long, the fedora style spread to all women and fashion-forward men like Oscar Wilde and Prince Edward VIII.
In 1924, Prince Edward VIII wore his fedora Hat to the United States and dressed it up with a suit instead of an everyday dress. The style was seen on stars like Humphrey Bogart and the infamous gangster Al Capone. In the 1940s and ’50s, cinema helped to create the iconic symbol of manliness and mystery with fedora hats worn by Cary GrantFrank Sinatra, and even football coaches Paul Bear Bryant and Tom Landry. The fedora later resurfaced onscreen in the ’70s and was styled as edgy and unique, yet still practical as seen on Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Fedora hats were the practical choice for most, worn to protect a person’s head from weather and wind. The original style for the fedora hat was made of felt, with a wide brim, an indented crown with a pinched front, and a ribbon accent. This hat was most known for its ability to be folded without losing shape, even being shaped by the individual wearer, a hat that could fit anyone’s personality or style. For example, a gangster would wear their hat with the brim turned down to prevent someone from seeing his eyes while a rancher would wear their hat with the brim facing upwards to keep the rain off.
To measure your head circumference, take a sewing measuring tape or even a string, and wrap it around above the ears and across your eyebrows. Please stick your finger under the tape so there is a little room and there you have head circumference! If you fall between measurements go for the next size up.
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