Exquisite Waterdrop Bridesmaid Tiara Crown

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Teardrop Crystal Sew On Rhinestone Pointback Glass Sew on Stone Droplet Sewing Rhinestone for Wedding Dress (18x25mm)10146754416_1047350260

During the early history of bridesmaids, 'maids were tasked with not only attending to but also protecting the bride from evil—whether that meant spirits or bandits. In ancient Rome, it was believed the bad spirts would descend upon weddings so bridesmaids wore similar outfits to the bride to confound the evildoers.
This gorgeous Tiara is comprised of lovely Rhinestone. In past years, rhinestones have been given an unjustified bad rap. Daniel Swarovski, a world-renowned inventor, developed a process to mass-produce these exquisite stones as an inexpensive alternative to diamonds and other precious stones. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THIS TIARA AND TELL ME IF THE STONES LOOK LIKE REAL DIAMONDS.
Is rhinestone a precious stone?
What Are Rhinestones? The misconception has been debunked by the experts, and now, rhinestones are classified as a different category of precious stones. ... While the rhinestones are not diamonds, they could be used as an imitation of diamonds, when acquired in its colorless form.


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