Queen Of The Ball Colorful Necklace Choker

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 Teardrop Crystal Sew On Rhinestone Pointback Glass Sew on Stone Droplet Sewing Rhinestone for Wedding Dress (18x25mm)390pcs Rhinestones Stickers Self-Adhesive Muticolor Adhesive Jewels  Stickers Crystal Gems Flatback Rhinestone for Crafts, Assorted Size |  Walmart CanadaPremium Vector | Jewel gemstones. jewelry crystal gems, diamond jewel  precious gemstone, luxury brilliant gems. crystal jewels illustration icons  set. crystal gemstone, jewelry brilliant collection

Rhinestones are beautiful!

A rhinestone is a man-made imitation of a cut and polished gemstone. Centuries ago, quartz pebbles with a high lead content were found sparkling on the banks of Europe's Rhine River. These beautiful, natural stones were highly coveted and were eventually depleted, inspiring jewelers to create an imitation, aptly named the "rhinestone."

Rhinestones which are also known as diamantes, strass, or paste date back as far as the thirteenth century where they were first made from Czechoslovakian or Bohemian hand-blown glass. The term rhinestone came along later when rock crystals were discovered in and around the shores of the river Rhine in Austria. The term "rhinestone" is now used to describe an imitation gemstone made from crystal, glass, or even plastic acrylic. 

Is rhinestone a precious stone?
What Are Rhinestones? The misconception has been debunked by the experts, and now, rhinestones are classified as a different category of precious stones. ... While the rhinestones are not diamonds, they could be used as an imitation of diamonds, when acquired in its colorless form.

Rhinestones are now mass-produced. In the 18th century, Swarovski, Daniel Swarovski, invented a machine for cutting and faceting crystal stones. His vision was creating "a diamond for every woman. In "1956: Daniel Swarovski's grandson, Manfred, introduced the Aurora Borealis: an iridescent coating applied to crystal rhinestones that produce a rainbow effect. In collaboration with French fashion designer Christian Dior, the stone is launched into the fashion spotlight, cementing a new era in both industries.
Most rhinestone jewelry sells for under $25, but some pieces are worth considerably more.

Wear this stunning multi-colored necklace to your next GALA and Be the Queen of the Ball. These regal-looking Multilayered Pendant necklaces come in various colors.

  • Beautiful Rhinestone colors
  • Regal looking necklaces 
  • Multiple layers with a variety of pendant colors
  • Gold or silver


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