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Demo Blog

I want the prices for my merchandise to compete with the huge conglomerates. I spend a lot of time comparing my prices to Amazon, E-bay, Walmart and other discount stores. I'll find the exact same items I have for sale in their stores and then, compare prices. Once I find the lowest average price for that same item, I will discount my price to equal the average selling price of all those stores. Sometimes, I will even discount my merchandise to a lower price than theirs. My profit margin will be lower but my customers will be happier.

I want my merchandise to be appealing, I want my lovely items to have history and purpose & I want my customers to enjoy the discounted prices. EYE WANT 

I need your feedback. If you find lower prices for certain items, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. Also, if you have any suggestions about certain items you want me to sell, let me know. My customers are the most important part of my business and I want you to be happy.  

With all the love in my heart,


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